Autumn Farm Decisions

Soil Sampling

1. Composite Soil Sample:
• This will give you an average of a field soil status
2. Electrical Conductivity Mapping:
• Elevation map and GPS electrical conductivity map that will inform you of your soil texture variability.
• Also identifies high sodium zones.
• Differentiates clays and sandy soils.
3. Veris Soil pH Mapping:
• pH
• Organic Matter
• Electrical Conductivity
• Elevation Map

• Soil pH
• Soil Cation Exchange Capacity
• Organic Matter
• Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Fall Applied Herbicide

1. Rotation of different herbicide groups is vital to maintaining good herbicide active ingredient stewardship.
2. Producers should treat wild oats as if they are group 1 and group 2 resistant.

• Alternating modes of action and utilizing group 15 group 8 and group 3 herbicides.
• Edge granular is a group 3 herbicide that has activity on cleavers and wild oats.
• Fierce is a group 14 and group 15 herbicide that has activity on broadleafs and grassy weeds.
• Authority Supreme Group 14 and Group 15
• Heat Complete Group 14 and Group 15
• Avadex Granular and Avadex Liquid Group 8 that has activity on grassy weeds.

Fall Applied Nutrients

1. If you are fall applying any ammonium based fertilizers either sulfur, phosphorous or nitrogen the preferred agronomic option is to band these sources.
2. Elemental sulfur should be broadcast but this does have a potential of lowering your soil pH.
3. Immobile nutrients like phosphorous and potassium would be better if they were banded.
4. SuperCal SO4 can be broadcast and does not need to be incorporated because it is not susceptible to volatilization.
5. Nitrogen sources that are fall applied should be a slow release form.

Crop Planning Varieties

1. Pod shatter varieties are not meant to be used just for straight cut.
2. Delayed swathing beyond 60 % Seed Color change has been proven to increase yield, reduce green seed and the swath does not need to be down as long to ripen for harvest.
3. There are some excellent cereal varieties available and get in touch with your local account manager to book new varieties. New seed has been proven to increase yield.