Our Vision, Mission & Values...


For every farmer who wants to reach for more, Crop Management Network is their trusted business partner.


Our purpose is to prove our value:

• By helping our customers with best in class service and solutions that enable them to successfully and sustainably navigate the changing landscape of agriculture.
• By helping our employees develop long-term careers where they can be their best in more ways, more often, personally and professionally.
• By helping our industry partners by keeping our promises and working towards win win outcomes.
• By helping our communities thrive for generations to come.
• By helping establish a culture of safety and environmental stewardship for our employees, our customers, our industry partners, and our communities..


Customer Driven

• We will always put the needs of the customer first.
• We will strive to maximize grower profitability and continued sustainability.
• We will continue to expand our investment in people through education, networking and field experience.


• We will strive and invest in innovative opportunities that can improve our customers profitability.
• We will invest in education for our employees.
• We will continually upgrade and invest in infrastructure and assets to be leading edge service providers.
• We will strive to be at the forefront of the digital ag revolution.


• We will get employee input when developing organizational goals, to ensure success with customers and suppliers.
• We will strive to be positive leaders, by empowering the team to make decisions on a daily basis, for the greater good of CMN.
• We will put the objectives of the team over individual objectives.


• We will act with respect and professionalism at every business interaction.
• All customers will be treated with respect regardless of farm size.

Safety & Environment

• We will provide training and orientation to all employees and contractors.
• We will ensure all facilities and equipment are being serviced and maintained beyond industry standards.
• We will continue to follow process and procedures, which will result in zero impact to the environment.


• We will be honest with our customers to the point of potentially losing the business.
• We will be open and transparent with industry and our employees.
• Our customers best interest will be at the forefront of all our decisions, to create a trustworthy relationship.


• We strive to be industry leaders in operational excellence and logistical solutions.
• We will continue to provide value to our suppliers and manufacturer’s in fulfilling our commitments.
• Our customers will receive consistent messaging and services across the network.
• We will continue our employee ownership structure to ensure we have long-term dependability and stability.

Photo Taken by Jon Kauffman