Why Calcium?

Two Simple Reasons


Plants need calcium as an essential macronutrient

• On average the crops grown in central Alberta need 0.34 lbs of calcium per bushel of crop produced.
• Soil test results continually show low levels of calcium in majority of the soils within the crop management network trading area.


Soil Health

• Calcium in the form Gypsum Calcium Sulphate can improve soil porosity by displacing sodium off the soil colloid. Calcium takes the place of Sodium and Sulfur will bind with the Na to prevent it from causing detrimental effects.
• Calcitic Lime calcium carbonate increases soil pH and provides the plant with calcium. Improving plant nutrient uptake efficiency.

Percentage of soils that are under 6.1 pH

Clubroot & Aphanomyces Management.

• Calcium is key to providing the plants with the right balance of nutrients to prevent disease.
• Calcium has been proven to reduce the viability of these diseases in there survival in the soil and also in the ability of these diseases to infect the plants.
• Clubroot management around the globe is focused on calcium.

The Crop Management Network is invested in the long term sustainability and environmental impact of crop production in Canada. We are pursuing nutrient formulations that are best for the soil and best for the long term profitability of our farm business partners. For more information or questions about calcium and how important this is to the future of farming successfully please contact your Account Manager.